With the planning of a new project, the question always arises, whether to go for a proven opensource solution or get a customized content management system?

Both have pros and cons that need to be considered, but not to tense or drag your curiosity. The WordPress content management system is usually the winner. Want to know why?

Content management system is intended to facilitate the process of creating, editing and publishing content. Almost everyone can handle this content workflow after quality training.

Content management or administration system allows its users to work with the content of the website without expert knowledge. Essentially, minimal computer literacy is required to work with a website or e-shop, as the content creation process is similar to, for example, writing text in MS Word.

Customers who have ever worked with a website often wonder if it is better to have a customized content management system that would solve, for example, ergonomic shortcomings in the user interface of the opensource system.

Advantages of content management system made to measure

The main advantage of a tailor-made content management system is that it can be customized to suit your needs. This usually means faster work with the administration system and therefore time and money savings. This goes hand in hand with the size and complexity of the project. Small and medium-sized businesses often do not pay to invest in tailor-made solutions because they are simply very expensive. Tailor-made content management system is usually not very widespread due to its financial demands and therefore it is not worth attacking attackers. Thus, a customized solution may be safer in some circumstances than an opensource system.

  • Administration and control according to project and team needs
  • There are no hacking attacks if you follow the security rules
  • The agency takes care of the updates (but you pay)

Disadvantages of content management system to measure

Certainly I will not mention here the financial cost of a customized solution. They simply pay for work and know-how.

I see the main disadvantage of the custom content management system especially in the size of the team that takes care of it. The team is limited to a few developers, so system updates are waiting for a long time and are more expensive. Another significant disadvantage is that the system is purchased in licenses. The licenses are mostly limited to the project. One project = one license. For a number of corporate projects, this is a significant accounting item and expense.

Unfortunately, the tailor-made system is mostly dependent on its parent agency. If you need an extension to it, change the look or change anything, then you have no choice but to ask the agency developing the system.

  • You depend on working with a single agency
  • Higher price
  • Update by Agency (additional costs)
  • Extending and editing costs a lot of money

CMS WordPress

WordPress is an opensource platform. This means that many of the quality programmers have access to its source code to further improve it or to ensure system security. The main advantage of WordPress is that the system can be further bent (modified) according to client requirements. For this reason, the ergonomics of administration are well adjusted, for faster work with content, or other various extensions can be obtained “cheaply”, which add additional functionalities to the system, which improve the work with it or add further possibilities for the website itself (marketing extensions). , commerce, etc.).

, Custom Content Management System or WordPress, Apkadd.com, Apkadd.com

WordPress advantage

WordPress (Wikipedia, WordPress.org) is probably the most widespread content management system in the world. For you as a client, this means a significant cost reduction when creating a new project. WordPress is simply a free platform. This does not mean that you will have a free site, but there is no need to develop a custom content management system, so the final development of a website will cost tens of thousands of crowns than developing a site with a customized system that can climb to hundreds of thousands. Another indisputable advantage is that countless experts are familiar with the code and editing of WordPress, so you never need to rely on one single agency to develop a customized system for you. To manage a website on WordPress you can easily get a quality specialist.

  • Intuitive administration control
  • Less implementation costs
  • There are many WordPress specialists on the market
  • Many free add-ons
  • You do not have to rely on a single agency

The disadvantage of WordPress

Because it is a system that anyone can install, so there are many self-appointed experts around it. These win customers with low prices and absurd promises. Clients usually hear about this, but later regret that they have entrusted their project to a low-cost “specialist”.

WordPress’s biggest problem is probably its worldwide spread. As a result, several hacker attacks on this platform will take place worldwide throughout the year. With a good webmaster you usually have nothing to worry about. For those low-cost specialists, you have to make sure they regularly update the content management system and not install stolen accessories. After meeting these two basic rules, as a client, you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • The need to choose a specialist more carefully and not to jump to the lowest offer
  • The need to monitor the security of the system and update it (this is usually very simple)

WordPress vs. custom content management system

WordPress’s worldwide spread speaks for itself. In the end, many companies and projects will decide for him because it is far more accessible and advantageous for them. The tailor-made system is chosen by companies and corporations that need to operate a trading platform whose operation will be managed by an outsourced service. This will solve countless problems in the company and reduce the complexity of creating additional processes and delegating work to subordinates.


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