For no one is a secret, that money moves the world, clarifying that it is so from a perfect logic and away from any kind of considerations with “feelings”, or with that kind of moral that tends to deny the above.

Under this premise, it is necessary to comment that an immense reason why many are not in a good financial position is because they do not consist of sources of passive income; instead, they have certain obligations, jobs like employees who change their “time for money”.

On this occasion, at, we will explain in a brief, but exploratory way, what passive income represents, what they have to contribute to your life, and its relevance.

I define and treat the subject under personal readings of specialized texts, and my personal experience.

A question before starting …

Until when do you plan to remain employed? –In case you are–; the majority of people would respond to remain a salaried employee more immersed in this traditional system until their average retirement age, where we are nearby watching old age, or until a stroke of luck comes to your life … However, it is something that can be changed whenever a mentality focused on the generation of passive income is acquired, from going into the water to look for opportunities, and achieve greater financial well-being.

What are passive income?

They are income – redundancy is valid – that are generated in a constant way and that are not overreached to the work that is invested, so that the owner of the source of a passive income, He could perfectly stop working when he pleases, and continue to receive income without even being present when it comes to work.

This is the way that wealthy people manage to keep getting rich, and enjoy life as it should: acquiring assets that generate passive income, instead of wasting your time changing it for money, and being at the mercy of bosses and better yet, owners of the (active) company that do know how it works This question.

Relevance of the issue and opportunities on the internet

Who doesn’t like money? Especially when you realize that it can reach you without the need for constant work, assets that generate passive income they usually require an initial job, a development time in which an attempt is made to strike a balance between the expenses that can be generated for the maintenance of the asset (in certain cases), the profits that it generates in a gross way, and finally the net gains .

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in a portal on internet business, I would like to present some very popular opportunities that you can take advantage of in the network to make money from home online, in that search to generate passive income:

-Channel on specialized YouTube: focus on a certain niche by offering relevant material that will eventually allow for the capture of traffic that will increase due to its specific and focused nature. The more visits, the more profits, and the work needed will not be to keep the asset, but to help its growth.

-Specialized website (micronicho): As in the previous case, you can create a source of passive income easily by creating a very specialized website in a sector (the sector to which it belongs determines the possibilities of monetization).

It is a very famous way, it requires finding a small very small portion of a niche, with low competition, but enough to generate benefits, and based on this develop some content and position it on Google.

-Applications and games: They operate in all kinds of devices, and there are various market alternatives that can be reached, always based on current operating systems that allow the dissemination of this class of materials.

You can also focus on certain application and game sectors, and develop them with the help of so many systems that now exist for it, does not have to be so complicated to generate money (eg an app that teaches tricks to remove facial blemishes.

Conclusions and clarifications

  • The three opportunities described above they attack in a very general way, and behind each one you can make a magnificent breakdown of things to carry out that can allow the generation of passive income. In you can find good facts about ways to generate money on the internet In fact the site has a focus on it.
  • This publication explores the subject in a very superficial way, but that tries to open your eyes a little about what you are currently doing with your time and your life.
  • In case you already have passive income and that you find yourself focusing your time on getting more of them, congratulations !, in case it is not, we recommend you try to adapt your mentality to the search for them, something that you will allow to achieve affinity in the subject and capture very interesting opportunities more easily.


  • Don’t settle for a job with linear income; they will always be the same, unless there are certain eventual surcharges, or even, they can be reduced. And even if they involve a certain “stability”, if you lose a job, you realize that that “stability” was probably just a mirage.
  • Look for ways in which you have income, work the time you want to develop them and help their expansion, enjoy your time better, and realize that life is too short to waste it being an old employee who works hard until old age , he sells more than half of his time, spends less and less time with his loved ones, and he spends it renewing on his condition that seems never to end.

Greetings from a distance, and I hope that this short publication allows you to make yourself reflect even a little; says goodbye this time, Juan Zapata.


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