I have read several times about some fears of entrepreneurship that we usually have entrepreneurs. Sometimes they can make us lose a little north … But they have a solution.

In this post, I will tell you how I have faced these fears, with tips to overcome them.

The fear of undertaking

Some of the most common fears when undertaking are …

  1. The impostor syndrome: It’s thinking that you’re not good enough to charge for what you offer.
  2. Excess perfectionism: When you entertain yourself so much trying to make everything perfect that it seems you’ll never end.
  3. Believe that others are better than you: Comparisons are never good. And when you start and see that it seems that everyone else is doing great and you don’t, it can be really daunting.
  4. Thinking you’re not going to earn enough: This obvious is what throws back many people, or keeps you in suspense. As my mother-in-law told me, with a business for 35 years: You never know if people will enter through the door or not.

How to face these fears of entrepreneurship?

I am going to tell you some tricks that have worked for me to get rid of these problems.

1 – Remove the imposer syndrome

You have to gain confidence in what you know. Because if you really like the subject with which you are going to undertake, surely you know much more than you think. (And if you don’t like it, maybe you should think about it a bit).

What I would recommend is that you enter to see what your competition does. But to really examine it. Look at what they do with a critical eye, look at their networks, look for their jobs, or opinions about them … And you will surely realize that you can do the same, and even others that you can do better. And if you still do not think you are capable, you are not at the same point of business.

It is also good if you get into groups of entrepreneurs in your sector … Where the doubts and dirty rags come out … And suddenly you see that they also have doubts, that they do not know everything and that even on occasion you can advise or solve them doubts of others. And this helps to increase confidence as a professional!

My personal experience fighting impostor syndrome

When I decided to start as a web designer in Germany, I also had this fear. I started only with experience with my own projects, from family and friends at the beginning.

Until some entrepreneurs began to trust me. But it was still hard for me to believe that I was able to do it.

I overcame my syndrome like this, since I joined a couple of groups of SEO designers and professionals. And for example I got a huge surprise, when in one of the web designer groups I entered, they were interested in my subject course Divi. I had done it thinking about my clients, and that to other designers it seemed useful it was a great pride.

2 – Control perfectionism

It is the fear of entrepreneurship that can steal more time at times. Wanting everything to be perfect. But hey, you have to deal with it. Because if not you eternalize. As they usually say …

«Better done than perfect»

There are those who are most affected and who less. For example, I always went to take the exam, trust and deliver it immediately instead of reviewing and reviewing it …

You have to know how to find a balance, between a job well done (since perfect is impossible) and a dedication that allows you a profit per hour of decent work. If not, you’re going to kill yourself to work for a tiny gain per hour of work! It is a good idea to know how much benefit you are getting per hour of work. It will help you find this balance.

3 – Don’t compare yourself with everyone

In general, care must be taken when comparing. It is not the same to compare yourself with someone who is in the same phase as you, than with someone who has been for many years for example.

Try to be less critical of yourself. It is a good idea to take into account the time you have spent with your venture and your personal situation, before comparing yourself to anyone. Obviously a mother who tries to undertake with a job for others and children will have much less time than an entrepreneur without a family … Which does not mean you can not arrive. Only you still need some more time.

4 – Be clear about your financial goals

And finally, to be able to live with the fear of whether you will earn enough … You have to review and plan the finances.

The first thing is that you must be clear about what money you need to live. And then see if you can get it with your business. For this, the usual thing is to make a plan, know the expenses of your business and set some sales objectives that you need to meet to achieve it.

It is also important to take into account something that is omitted a lot today: To have a business, you need to invest. Either time or money. Businesses do not appear by magic, and you should keep this in mind in your planning.

The point will be to think according to your situation What is the worst that can happen if I do wrong? What deadlines do you have to start your business? Do you have savings or can you get financing?

If you later see that you do not reach the plan, you will have to take actions to change your strategy and try differently. And if it is not viable … Well, it will be reconsidered.

How to remove the fear of entrepreneurship?

In conclusion I raise this question. I would say, you never really take it off at all. There is always some uncertainty. You never know what can happen in life in general.

As I said before, sometimes what you have to do is face fears. And pull forward.

Much encouragement to all!


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