If you are reading these lines it is because you have ever wondered if it is possible to use Gmail with my domain.

I will tell you that it is possible and that there are two ways to achieve it, depending on your needs:

  • Gmail with my free domain
  • Gmail with my domain with Gsuite

In certain situations it is necessary to use email accounts that give an image of professionalism in which your own domain appears, either as a matter of brand, or to use it for commercial and business purposes.

In these circumstances, it is not very common or recommended to use personal or generic accounts such as Gmail.

But if it is true that the simplicity and cross-platform of Gmail mail is missed, there is a reason that it is the most used.

Normally the email platforms provided by domain providers often have many limitations and shortcomings, not to mention, their aesthetic appearance.

Fortunately, Google offers a simple solution that allows you to use the Gmail email client with your own domain.

Why use Gmail with my domain?

I already listed them before but we will look at them a little more carefully.

Have a more professional email address

Working with an email address that includes the name of your own domain, surely it is the same as that of your company or brand, is much more professional.

A Gmail address of the type “name@gmail.com” is often used as a personal email. But most companies or businesses use email addresses such as “name@yourdomain.com”.

Not only does it give a more professional image, but it is also part of the business brand.

Versatility and use management

Everyone knows the interface and the way of using Gmail, so, you will already know how comfortable and easy it is to use it.

In addition, Gmail is cross-platform so you can use your email from your computer desktop or from your mobile device, either from a mobile phone or a Tablet.

Gmail is totally intuitive, even if you have never used it, you can start without the need for any great learning curve.

Gmail with my custom domain. Two ways to use it

There are two easy ways to use Gmail with your own domain name.

Gmail with my free domain: use your own personal Gmail account

This is the way to have Gmail with my free domain.

Gmailte allows check emails from other accounts within Gmail itself (I leave you the link to the official Google information where it explains perfectly how to do it).

This option is appropriate:

  • if you don’t receive a considerable amount of emails
  • if you have very well organized email
  • if you know how to use labels in Gmail to distinguish between different accounts

With this method you will have to keep in mind which email account you are replying to.

Conversely, if you receive a lot of emails, using a personal Gmail account could quickly become cumbersome.

In this case it is recommended to use the second option of using Gmail with my domain.

G Suite to be able to use Gmail with my domain

G Suite not only allows you to set up an email address with your own domain but also includes other Google applications, such as Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Calendar, Hangouts and more.

This option has an economic cost, but the benefits are worth it. It is very easy to keep personal and work email accounts separate.

You can keep personal and professional accounts open at the same time in different tabs or windows.

Also, with the basic account, you get cloud storage capacity for your files.

How to set up an email address with your own domain in Gmail using G Suite

Here I leave you the step-by-step instructions to configure your G Suite account and your email address with your own domain.

1. Have a custom domain

This first step apart from necessary is totally obvious.

2. Go to G Suite

Visit the G Suite site and click the “start here” button.

3. Enter your business information

Gsuite will request basic information, such as the name of your company, the number of employees, etc. Enter the information requested at each step to create your G Suite account.

4. Enter your custom domain name

One of the steps will ask for your custom domain name. If you already have a domain, enter it now. If not, you will have to buy one before continuing.

5. Select a basic or business account

Unless you know in advance that you are going to need unlimited storage, it is recommended to start with the Basic account, it costs € 4.68 per month and includes 30 GB of cloud storage, compared to € 9.36 per month for the Business account. You can always upgrade later if you find you need additional cloud storage or other features included in the Business edition.

Both options include a free 14-day trial.

6. Verify your domain

Now that you have created the G Suite account, you should verify your domain name. Click the “Start setup” button.

There are several ways to do this, but the easiest option is to insert a meta tag in WordPress. This is just a little bit of code that you will copy and paste into WordPress. You can paste it into your WordPress theme settings or enter it in a plugin if the theme doesn’t provide a space for header scripts.

If you have a Genesis theme

The Genesis themes include a space to add header scripts.

Go to Theme Settings – Header and Footer Scripts, and paste the code in the Header Scripts box. (If you’ve already added something to this box, like the Google Analytics code, just paste the new code below it.)

If you don’t use a WordPress plugin

If your theme doesn’t have the ability to enter header scripts, you can install a plugin to do the same. Here are two plugins that allow you to add header scripts to WordPress:

Set up your MX email record

We are already in the last step to set up your personalized email address. It’s what makes emails really flow to Gmail. This will require changing some settings on your web server. Google has specific instructions for many web servers here. If your host is not the list, follow generic instructions here.

This step seems much more difficult than it really is because the instructions have a lot of technical languages.

Don’t worry, following the step-by-step instructions, you will not have any kind of problems. However, if you have them or you get stuck in some step, please contact the customer service of your web hosting provider. They will be able to help you.

!! Congratulations!! It is done! I have Gmail configured with my domain

We are done with the setup and we can use Gmail with our own domain. We are going to test to see that everything works correctly.

We will only have to send an email from our new account to a different account.

It seems too obvious, but it is better to fix any kind of problem now before starting to share our new email address with our contacts and / or clients.

Additional email addresses can be added if necessary

Tell you that you can add additional users or create email addresses with aliases if necessary.

The “downside” is that each «user» costs € 4.68 / month.

If you don’t need to add additional users. You can add multiple alias email addresses to any user at no additional cost.

I am referring to accounts such as “info@mydomain.com”, “support@mydomain.com”, etc. This will allow you to filter emails into different mailboxes.

To add alias users or email addresses, click Users in your Google Admin Console.

To add emails with aliases, select a User, then click User Details. You’ll see an option to add email aliases. Now you have a professional email address, a variety of email aliases, in addition to all the other features and benefits that the G Suite modality that you have contracted includes.


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