The importance that Google gives to its users has always been known, and it seems that one of the main focuses of this company is to continue improving the way search results are ordered so that the content offered is better quality and according to what is requested.

And this requires the constant modification of the algorithms of this machine with artificial intelligence so impressive, which we know as Google.

And with this, a pretty eye-catching notification for a few weeks it has been arriving at the trays of the webmasters who administer websites, which consist of adaptive design, or in this case “mobile-friendly”.

It is a warning, indicating that sites that do not provide a mobile version will be classified in the rankings, in the appropriate way.

The notification can be found within the “messages” sections of the sites managed with the Google Webmaster Tools. Also, emails containing the same information have been sent as a warning.

Non-mobile-friendly sites will lose positions in the SERPs

As is often the case with Google communications, the ambiguity is present, the same that does not express exactly, what they mean by “classifying appropriately.” However, logically, this infers that there will be losses of positions for the sites (or pages of the sites in question) that do not have a “mobile-friendly” design, and those who do, will be rewarded.

Sites specialized in the topic of positioning and optimization of websites, have referred in this regard commented that it is possible that it is some improvement to the algorithms, which are going to directly affect sites that are not friendly to mobile devices.

Negative or positive background?

It depends on the perspective of each webmaster since for those who are not aware of this they will suffer the loss of positions, while those who optimize their sites to show an appropriate version for mobile phones, will receive the reward of uploading positions. in SERPs.

Google also does not leave us aside, just “throwing us” the warning, offers us a hand with some tips (with some specific materials depending on the CMS), and one analytics tool to know when a website is not correctly optimized for mobile phones.


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