One of the setbacks that you have encountered when carrying out your projects has surely been the find a free and quality hosting, truth?

Surely you have found some free option but soon you have realized that, beyond having a test environment, they have many inconveniences:

  • Tedious speed when working with them.
  • The limited space they offer is hardly enough.
  • The advertising that you usually put on your site.
  • And, for me, the most serious, which usually have a structure of urls that are far from being attractive to Google and, therefore, for positioning.

Soon you discover two things:

  1. That for the production phase you choose a local environment, you save costs while developing your project.

I leave you a very interesting post where I explain how to install and configure the one I use for my local projects, but you know it, it will surely surprise you. How to install WordPress on Laragon.

  1. And that To publicize your project, you need a professional hosting.

I know why it happened to me and why it is one of the most repeated questions in forums, social networks, YouTube, etc., that you are trying to find the best possible quality / price hosting.

Well you’re in luck, today I come to talk about free hosting in Spanish that I use today and that has pleasantly surprised me.

This is ConfigBox.

But first let me point out two things.

The first, if I make this post is because I am using the product and I can give you my real and sincere point of view.

The second, just in case you wonder, is not an affiliate product, so I do not earn anything by making this entry.

I hope that is enough to convince you that it is a real and selfless opinion.

What is ConfiBox?

What better that they are who present themselves.

ConfigBOX is a Spanish Internet service provider based in Valencia.

Since 2006 we are offering you everything you need to make your project on the Internet a success, from the registration of your domain or hosting, to the development and promotion on the Internet of your website, all from the proximity of a provider perfectly consolidated, but without the impersonality reached by the Internet giants.

From our beginnings we have decided to take our own path, without depending on third parties, or investment groups, or large suppliers (and that we have had some proposal). What you have in ConfigBOX is 100% ConfigBOX.

We have our own servers, our own infrastructure and we make our own decisions.

In ConfigBOX you will find technicians who will give you an answer directly. This was one of the fundamental premises on which ConfigBOX was created, giving direct, honest and quality support, and that will never change.

In ConfigBOX, close and cordial support comes first.

Confibox free hosting plans

At present ConfigBox offers two free hosting plans the first year, if you heard correctly, free the first year.

(Now you understand the asterisk in the title, hehe.)

Here are the characteristics of these plans:

In this article we are only dealing with the free hosting plans that ConfiBox has.

Of course it has a multitude of services and different plans that cover almost all needs, so I invite you to visit its website and you check all the offer they have.

Opinions about free hosting ConfigBox

After the presentations have been formally made, it is certain that what you are interested in and what you have come for have been the opinions of their operation.

Before giving you mine let me share some of the opinions of other users, for this I leave you the opinions made by different users on Google where it has a score of 4.5 out of 5.

It is a literal transcript because I do not know if for the protection of third party data I can put the personal data of the users, but it is as easy to verify it as to search those reviews on Google.

Excellent in everything! An impeccable quality service and always evolving to offer the latest news. The customer service is fantastic, they always go beyond the obligation to help you in every way possible. I am delighted and I recommend them 100%.

Great services and great professionals. They have always resolved with professionalism, closeness and good attention (both by phone and chat) each and every one of my doubts. 100% recommendable!

Very good attention with all my doubts, excellent technical service and very good prices. First advice. Totally recommended!

Super recommended. They have helped us and they have solved super fast. Thank you so much guys!

We have been working with them at the company level for a long time and they have always given us a fast and reliable solution. Excellent technical service Thank you

When you have a problem is when you notice the difference between good service and bad service. Many thanks to the customer service technicians for the attention and patience. Recommended!

Excellent moment. They give fantastic support, especially for those of us who are starting to have our own blog. Highly recommended by the courtesy of its technicians.

Personal opinion

And now I’m going to tell you mine.

The registration process is common and current and does not offer any difficulties.

I only had two problems and I must say that support and customer service have been exceptional, remembering that it is a completely free service the first year.

The two problems that arose were when it came to point my domain to your hosting, I brought my own domain and it was they who indicated me how to proceed and solved it.

And when installing the SSL certificate on my site, they proceeded with the same treatment and speed.

Moreover, on some occasion I have contacted them through chat and They answer any questions you may have and even offer guidance and advice.

For me, the most notable point in this type of services is the treatment of the client when problems arise, and all of us who develop websites, we know that those problems sooner or later end up appearing.

Having the peace of mind of having a technical support behind makes your work much easier.

As for the technical section, I have to say, it shows perfectly that you are facing a professional and quality product.

To this day I have not had problems with speed, usability or availability of my site, I have not suffered falls, sudden maintenance, or anything that has made my website offline.

Last conclusions

Finally, remind you that everything you have read here is my sincere personal opinion and after having and being using this service.

Obviously it is my opinion in my particular case, in my particular project, with the technical characteristics, visits and use of the servers that my project has.

As you will know each person and each project is a world, but what I can say is that For someone who is starting to carry out their projects, it is a totally recommendable service and above all without forgetting that the first year is totally free.

I hope this article has been able to clear some doubt and has been able to help all those people who are looking for a free and quality hosting, a free hosting without advertising, a free hosting with SSL, a free hosting with php, etc …

If you found it interesting and useful I would like you to let me know by rating the blog or leaving a comment.

Thank you very much for your time.

And I will see you soon.



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