A few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a friend who often gives me advice from Seo. I was telling him that I wanted to grow several of my websites faster. I was looking for things that could double my income quickly and take them to the next level. Seeing how he was not building an email list, he suggested that they start creating an email list for affiliate websites.

Do not go to think badly about me because on other websites I have a mailing list but I was not finding any sense for the type of business they were managing (which was mainly Amazon affiliate sites). I thought making an email list didn’t fit my business model and was more interested in trying new traffic sources. They had an incorrect understanding of what an email list does and how it can work for Amazon affiliate websites.

I explain that more traffic is not always the best answer. Duplicating my traffic is more difficult and requires more time than doubling conversion rates or RPM.

It took a while to explain, but in the end, I regretted not having started before and using the same strategy I use to start your startup. (For this reason I wrote this article). If you are running an affiliate site and are looking for ways to take your site to the next level, pay close attention. I will share everything I learned from that conversation.

These are all the different ways in which an email list can increase the traffic, revenue, participation and valuation of your affiliate site.

Direct traffic to your most profitable pages

Let’s start with the one that directly affects your affiliate sales.

If you are collecting emails, you have the ability to create autoresponders. That means that every time someone subscribes, they receive a series of previously written emails. I do this in start your startup using active campaign.

Why is that good?

Because within these emails, I can direct more people to the pages I want them to see, maximizing traffic to my affiliate pages with greater conversion. Basically, I am adding another source of traffic to my most profitable pages, instead of just relying on Google. But wait, trying to collect email addresses distracts users from clicking on affiliate links?

Do not.

You can optimize your subscription forms according to the main objectives of your site.

So, if your goal is to get the maximum number of people to click on the links of your affiliates, simply don’t show any form during this stage.

You can use thrive leads to create exit pop-up windows to display only one subscription form when the reader is about to press the Back button. Exit intention pop-ups become extremely good. Here is an example scenario of how to use an autoresponder to increase affiliate sales The user to your website. They are reading, reading, reading, and then decide to press the Back button. The popup form is displayed and they subscribe.

During the next 10 weeks (or for the time that your autoresponder has created), they will receive 10 emails from you (once a week) that will send them to their 10 most profitable and high-conversion affiliate content.

You don’t even have to make any kind of aggressive selling argument in your emails. An example would be if you run an affiliate site about tennis or sneakers. In your autoresponder, one of your emails might look like this:

And that is!

That is not a sales pitch at all, but the traffic you send to your page will turn into blackfriday. It is sending you extremely specific traffic, only shoe fans who signed up for your shoe blog first.

Now imagine that each subscriber receives a series of 50 emails like this after subscribing.

What would that do for your affiliate sales?

Promote new or recently updated content

With an email list, you can generate a flood of traffic to new (or newly updated) affiliate content.

Let’s continue with our previous example and pretend that you have an affiliate site on the best running shoes.

You have just published a new brilliant guide that reviews a new Nike article.

Without an email list, that page only stays there until you start ranking for your specific keywords on Google. You may receive some traffic to the page of visitors who click on the links on their other pages, but it will take a while before you start generating enough traffic to generate real income.

With an email list, each new article you write can attract hundreds or thousands of visitors to the page as soon as you publish it.

That makes the production of new affiliate content more profitable, since you can see immediate profits from the product you are promoting.

Not only that, but it’s like having your dedicated disclosure database. Instead of sending a cold email to a group of people to verify it and expect them to share it, you can send it to thousands of people who have already requested to receive it with just one email.

That results in an immediate increase in traffic to the page, comments, social actions and possibly links and mentions.

Lor same happens with its old contents. For example, suppose you wrote an article last year about the 10 best running shoes of 2019.

In 2020, you can update that article again, add a lot of new tennis shoes (with new affiliate links) and send it to your email list.

Again, immediate gains that you can get much faster than if you only published and waited for it to qualify.

The point is that you have the control to send a lot of traffic to the pages you want. And that is something very powerful for an online business.

Run special launches of affiliated products

If a company you are promoting runs some kind of special promotion, an email list gives you the opportunity to take advantage of it and use it for a launch.

For example, if Nike decides to make a big sale a week for its fall collection, you can treat that as an opportunity to make a great launch to your email list.

You can use your sales deadline as your shortage factor and run a full launch campaign.

Partner with companies to run exclusive promotions

If your email list becomes large enough, you can even have companies partner with you and run releases for your new products or any offer they are offering.

This is a bit more work, and many affiliate sites never get big enough to make this work, but it can be done if a considerable audience is generated.


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