In this article, you will learn the 3 main mistakes that most online entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them altogether.

Then, in this guide, you will learn how to solve those problems and avoid them.

In upcoming articles that will come in the next week you will learn a lot of other tips, tricks and pieces of information to help you make the most of your business today.

If you want to start an online business successfully, or need to change things, this is a guide you should read and implement!

Alright, let’s do it.

How to make your online business successful?

This is the big question.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, or have already started disconnecting from it, then this is probably the most important question you ask yourself day and night.

How do you make your online business successful?

Obviously, there are many answers to this, and you will learn some of the most important ones a little later in this guide.

But before you get to that, you must correct what you are doing wrong.

If you do not fix what you are doing wrong, your level of success in the business will still be lower than your expectations and your potential.


Because you must solve the fundamental problems before you can successfully add productive bells and whistles!

Too many people try to fix their business using the wrong methods.

In truth, there are 3 big mistakes that prevent the vast majority of online businesses from succeeding.

And these problems can easily pass under the radar.

However, it is imperative that you repair them if you want your business to make money and grow.

So let’s talk about them.

The 3 BIG mistakes that make your online business fail before it takes off

Some of these may seem very common and a certain number of you may immediately discard them.

Could you say “Huh, I would never make that mistake in my business.”

But in response to this, I sincerely encourage you to deeply observe how you have been doing things for the past month, two or six months.

Examine the content you have been creating. Examine the methods you have been using.

And perhaps, most importantly, examine the spirit with which you have been publishing your content and running your business.

9 out of 10 times, one or more of these errors is responsible for preventing online businesses from growing at the rate they should be growing.

Error # 1: Focus on choosing the product first

Many people start their business thinking “What am I going to sell?”

But this is 100% the wrong way to see it.

Instead of thinking first about the product, you should actually look inside yourself and instead focus on your audience and how you can help them first.

What will you bring to your audience? What problem of them are you going to solve?

How will you bring real and measurable value to your lives?

This is where your personal story comes in.

You see, when you think only of one product, you are only thinking about how to sell that product. Of course, think about all its uses, features and benefits … and you can try to sell it based on the value it can bring to people.

But trust me … that’s not the way to succeed in business today!

Focus on what matters to you, what value you can bring and what your story is

Before selling any product, you must first clarify some things in your own mind.

Do you really care about this product? And if so, why? What personal evidence has helped you overcome this product? Can this product do the same for other people? If so, how?

Describe in your content how you could solve your own problems first. This is SO HUGE, you just can’t overdo it.

Tell your audience how to do it.

Give them a lot of value in your videos, blogs and podcasts.

Then, tell them how this widget, gadget or course improved your life.

Sure, they can buy it for you.

This is the time to take advantage and put an affiliate link in your post.

But selling this product to your audience is SECONDARY, you must first GIVE VALUE AND ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!

Once you get this simple and fundamental mentality and scale it correctly, it will really become unstoppable.

Error # 2: Do not create content for both audiences

Contrary to what you may believe, you always need to create content for two very specific types of audiences.

This is more important today than ever, and many entrepreneurs fail because they do not learn to diversify enough to do it correctly.

The human and algorithms it’s his two audiences

The first audience to be addressed in its content are the people who listen to it.

This is his demographic objective.

Therefore, you must ensure that your content will help these people.

You do it by identifying their challenges and helping them solve them. It is literally that easy.

You can also tell your own personal story. This helps build trust and security.

But at the end of the day, people who follow you do it because you have some of the answers they are looking for.

And it is very important that you create content to help these people if you want to succeed.

But there is also a second type of audience for which you need to create content … the algorithms.

Make the algorithm your next best friend

You might wonder “What exactly does it mean to create content for algorithms?”

Well, the brief answer to this is that you need to create content that will help people find you through search engines.

SEO, Google, keywords … all these tools can help you reach an even larger audience if used correctly.

But the only way to use them correctly is to learn how SEO works and then apply the vital components of this in all its content.

This means that you need to do an effective keyword research.

You should investigate the tags you place in your YouTube videos.

This means that you must label your podcast episodes properly so that people can find them.

It means optimizing your website, making sure that your titles and goals descriptions are correct.

It means not violating Google’s rules.

It means knowing and understanding how each individual platform shows its content to users, and then restructuring those algorithms so that its content is seen by as many people in the chosen niche as possible.

Now, many people are really good at focusing on one or the other.

Some people write 100% for humans, and some write 100% for the algorithms of their chosen platforms.

But if you don’t combine this, it will end up falling short.

Many people fail in this simple skill.

And yet, it is so important that it will literally kill your business if you don’t do it right!

Error # 3: focus too much on the “sales game” and not offer enough value

The “preeminence” strategy

So, the idea here is that most people in the world are trying to drink, drink, drink.

And they do it trying to sell, sell, sell.

It’s all about the sale, every time!

Well, the truth is that much of this becomes noise for most people. People ignore it, disconnect it and go through it.

As a result, they become selfless in it.

And that’s how many, many companies start to fail!

Instead, you must first focus on adding value.

First, you help people. You do this by publishing incredible content, connecting with your audience and doing your best to help them solve their problems.

It’s really very simple really. It is only a value mentality first. That is really the biggest difference here.

Therefore, it provides all this value, builds trust and creates a brand from which people know they will get results.

So what’s up? Eventually they buy all their products, because they know so well that it will help them that they don’t even question it.

They know this because …

1. You have done it for yourself

2. You have helped them to do it

3. You are also helping other people do it


Just remember … the key here is to avoid the 3 biggest and most common business mistakes that cause most online businesses to fall.

These mistakes are …

1. Focusing on choosing the product first

2. Do not create content for both audiences.

3. Focus too much on the “sales game” and not enough on the “value”

If you can stay away from these mistakes and overcome them, you will surely be on your way to making your online business fun and profitable.

So go ahead and start producing the results you want!

If you have any questions or wish to continue the discussion, please let me know what you think in the comments.

Do you feel that there are other errors that should be added to this list? If so, let me know!

I am always interested in hearing what you have to say.

See you in the next article!


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