Gone are the days of unidirectional marketing. How many customers do you think enjoy being bombarded with one promotional message after another? None…

The best way to achieve both goals involves personalization and sharing of your personal experience (or research efforts) on a topic that is relevant to the main need or problem of your audience.

Creating email lists simplifies these two tasks and offers you the ability to automate the entire process in advance, so you can focus on getting new subscribers to your list.

Do you want to know the main reasons why creating your email list is such an important marketing campaign asset? Continue reading to find out.

1. The mailing list is the best tool to foster the relationship

I have already discussed the topic in this article, but people already receive tons of emails daily. The fact that they have given you their email address is a great indication of trust … Even if it is a free report or training that has value to them.

Now that you have received this act of trust where you received your email address, you must keep what you promised. If you promised a free report, it must be available instantly and must be AWESOME.

If you promised free trainings, then they must be of high quality … Something for what you would normally charge, because this not only shows your level of experience, but the more you really help them with a problem in your life, the more they will know and trust you in you.

All this is done technically by configuring a series of follow-up emails to deliver high-value content to the reader over a period of days, weeks and months.

2. Email is personal

Their efforts to create email lists are aimed at a particular market segment with particular needs.

The deeper you go, the easier it will be to focus and personalize. You have a very good idea about your audience and you know what these people want to read. Now you simply have to find the solution that the public will be interested in.

If you have succeeded in terms of audience identification (a topic we have already discussed), producing a message that yields results will be easy. You can even outsource the research and report writing task if you don’t have time or desire.

3. One-to-one communication

Having a highly specialized and highly targeted email list will give you an intimate knowledge of your audience. This intimate knowledge is much more valuable than any other marketing technique or marketing strategy.

In addition, when creating your mailing list you can connect with thousands of people, but each email is sent to one person. This allows you to truly communicate one by one with each individual.

When they read your emails, you have the full attention of your potential customer and can tell that person exactly what you want to hear. This is possible because you have identified a niche, identified a particular need and know what this type of audience is looking for.

Wait, isn’t email marketing dead?

Several “marketing gurus” have come out and have claimed that the days of email marketing are long gone. It is true that email marketing is quite old.

It is true that social networks and other digital trends have revolutionized the world of online promotion.

However, email marketing consistently delivers results.

Statistics show that 44 percent of people who receive promotional emails make at least one purchase based on the information contained in those newsletters.

There is a more fascinating fact about email marketing: the ROI For every dollar spent on creating and promoting email lists is $ 44.35.

The best part is that you own your email list, while your ‘Facebook fans’ are actually owned by Facebook, your instagram followers are owned by Facebook (Facebook owns instants) and a change of algorithm or Changing terms of service can literally disconnect you from your audience.

With the main email list creation services (I use and recommend activecampaign) you can create your mailing list with confidence, make a regular backup and even move it to a new service or create a mail system yourself if so he wants it.

Many still see a high quality list with which they have built a solid relationship, being the number 1 asset of their company or Internet marketing campaign.

All this adds to the fact that email marketing is very much alive and growing every day.

The customization and guidance you can achieve increase the efficiency of that campaign and give you access to incredible opportunities.

You can start with a small target group and experiment with the content. Once you have mastered it, you will find it incredibly easy to automate parts of the process and reach much larger groups of potential customers.

The creation of email lists implies trust and effort on behalf of both parties involved.

That is why email marketing brings a high ROI.

Starting with the creation of email lists is not a complicated task, as long as you are 100% committed and ready to spend enough time researching your audience and creating content of value to them.


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