If you’re looking for an honest review on LinkedIn Learning, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I will tell you about my feedback on LinkedIn Learning that I was able to test for 1 month.

Why LinkedIn Learning?

I believe that a famous person said that learning is an endless process in your lifetime and I must agree with this famous quote. As a web marketing consultant, I often need to update my skills and learn more about other things that could help me excel in what I do (and what I love to do). ) and stand out in the competition.

There are two options for updating your skills or learning more, either you go back to school or you read more books. But these traditional solutions are not always the most effective, because they can be time-consuming and overly theoretical. So here we come to the generation of online learning centers. Now that online courses are commonplace for improving new skills, it’s much easier to choose the right course. One of them is LinkedIn Learning.

Since its takeover by Microsoft, LinkedIn seems to be busy expanding its training activities with the launch of LinkedIn Learning.

Not many may know, but in 2015 LinkedIn acquired one of the most popular online learning portals, called Lynda.com, and it can be said that LinkedIn Learning is reincarnating it with more analytics impressive. Yes, LinkedIn Learning has an integrated analytics system that allows companies to track the progress of their employees. However, to access LinkedIn Learning, you must have a premium LinkedIn account.

A simple but effective interface

LinkedIn Learning is a MOOC platform, which means that it is an online course platform that can be accessed via the web for an unlimited number of participants. For a MOOC platform, I would say that LinkedIn Learning has a good interface because everything is in its place. The design is neat and clean.

The site interface is divided into several sections. These sections are the call to action for the essay, the exploration of the courses, the filter to choose the courses according to the subject, the series of courses of creativity in vogue and finally, but not least, the package of the team for Linked Learning before the footnote. Overall, the interface is really easy to use, so everyone who visits the site will not be confused by finding certain things.

Many courses offered

Everyone is looking to improve their skills and learn more. This is why the value of content on online platforms is often questioned. I think most people who are looking for reviews of online learning platforms often doubt that the platform they have subscribed to can offer them quality courses that they can benefit from in their professional lives.

I must say that LinkedIn Learning offers many courses. Some are good, and others are… mediocre and fairly basic. Once you are inside the platform, you can see that the platform is full of introductory lessons for each topic. In my experience, it is quite difficult to find advanced courses. But again, this experience can be different for each individual.

If you’ve just started learning and don’t think you know a lot yet, try giving LinkedIn Learning a chance and learning many of the topics that interest you, starting with the most basic. But if you want a high-quality course with very good content inside and more specific, I suggest you check the expertise you already know on the subject and check if they have courses on the platform. form of online learning.

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The certifications

Certification is one of the positive things that some of the LinkedIn Learning courses could offer. As you know, certification at the end of the course can be important for some young professionals in order to put them on their CV and thus validate new skills. Some people in the sector or some employers also prefer to hire candidates who have obtained numerous certifications in their field.

Even if the courses on LinkedIn Learning are not accredited, I must say that they still add value for the user. Integration between LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning also takes place automatically since you can view your completed certificate and license on your LinkedIn profile.

But again, if you are considering signing up for an online learning platform with accredited certification, I would not suggest this platform to you as you can probably choose another paid platform with a similar plan that offers the accredited certification that you are looking for.

LinkedIn Learning Award

Now let’s talk about the subscription offered by LinkedIn Learning!
To access many courses on LinkedIn Learning, you must subscribe to the LinkedIn Premium offer. LinkedIn has 4 premium plans: career plan, business plan, sales plan, and hiring plan. The price of LinkedIn’s Premium plan (career plan) starts at $ 29.99 per month. So if you’re signed up for the career plan for $ 29.99 a month, you can get access to LinkedIn Learning.

If you are sure to choose the LinkedIn Learning platform for long-term learning, you can also consider paying for the service for one year after one month of free trial with a 33% discount, or $ 19.99 per year.
They offer a 30-day trial period for their bonus plan, but first, you need to sign up with your credit card. Many companies can request credit card details for free trials to prevent people from creating a profile for multiple free trials.

My verdict on LinkedIn Learning

So let’s go back to the first question we have before we look at this platform. Is learning about LinkedIn worth it? I would say it depends on where you are currently on your journey? Are you an expert or are you just starting out as an expert?

I recommend LinkedIn Learning to young professionals who need to know more about basic skills and it is always good to have a premium LinkedIn account when one seriously wants to network professionally through the platform. If you already have a premium account on LinkedIn, why not try LinkedIn Learning since you can already access this function.
However, if you think you need more than just basic and refresher courses, you may need to consult other MOOC platforms, such as Udemy.

I hope the information presented in this article will be useful for you to make your decision! If you decide to try LinkedIn Learning, you can sign up now and get 30 days of trial.


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