Do you have a WordPress website? Well, you are interested in knowing the news that are to come in WordPress for the coming months … WordPress 5.4 will be out soon, and if you have a version prior to 4.8 you should be thinking about updating now …

I’ll show you in advance what WordPress version 5.3 brings, tested in beta.

WordPress 5.4

This new major version of WordPress does not bring too many changes, nor does it include a new theme.

Mainly it’s about fixes, and about including some Gutenberg improvements.

What’s New in WordPress Version 5.4

In the following video you can see some of the changes it includes, in the tests of the beta version of WordPress 5.4:

Mainly the included changes are:

  • Internal improvements, performance, and fixes.
  • Improvements in Gutenberg
    • They have added a starter guide for Gutenberg.
    • Changes in the social button block. You will have to modify it if you had used it.
    • Button groups can now be created, with several buttons together.
    • Added the ability to change the background color of block and column groups.
    • There are also improvements in the tool for exporting personal data (related to the data protection policies of your website).

NOTE: I have encountered certain problems with block movement in Gutenberg.

Changes from previous versions

WordPress 5.3

It’s been a year since the new Gutenberg editor arrived at WordPress.

And now again, towards the end of 2019, a new WordPress update is planned, to 5.3 loaded with improvements. The new version of WordPress is scheduled for November 12 (This date may vary).

What improvements does version 5.3 bring?

The version brings some interesting improvements, apart from bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • A new default theme.
  • Gutenberg editor improvements.
    • New Gutenberg blocks as social media.
    • Grouping of blocks.

Check out what’s new in WordPress 5.3

In this video, I show you the changes that the latest version brings, with a trial installation updated to WordPress 5.3 beta.

Topic “Twenty-twenty”

Every year a new WordPress theme is created by default, which is the one assigned when you install a new WordPress and will come included with the update as well.

This theme is usually pretty clean and basic. The reasons are that it is used both as a base theme to personalize, or also as a security option to test if you have any problem.

, WordPress 5.4 What’s new in the version,,

Gutenberg improvements with WordPress 5.3

The new version brings some interesting improvements to the WordPress editor Gutenberg. Are you already using it?Below I tell you more about some of these improvements in the editor that brings the new version of WordPress.

New Social Media block for Gutenberg, WordPress 5.4 What’s new in the version,,

Now you can indicate, by clicking on each icon, the URL of your profile on the social network, or disable it. Only those to which you have added a URL will be seen., WordPress 5.4 What’s new in the version,,

Table improvements

Tables now have additional options in the sidebar. We can indicate if we want to use an equal column width in all of them, or if we want to highlight the header and the footer line (for totals).

Button improvements

Also the «button» block allows more options. How to define how rounded you want the corners. And if you want the link to open in a new tab, or the “rel” attributes (where indicated if the link is nofollow, or sponsored for example).

Group of blocks

And WordPress version 5.3 also brings one of the most anticipated features: the grouping of blocks in Gutenberg. With this we can create groups that will stay together, and be able to move several blocks along the entrance together.

More changes in Gutenberg with version 5.3

Improvements have also been included such as:

  • Be able to choose the color of the spacers.
  • Changes in the list block, to modify the indentation or change the start number.
  • Column block improvements.
  • Options to order the galleries directly and add titles.
  • Improvements in the last entries block.
  • Editor usability and accessibility optimizations.

What else are you working on in WordPress?

Additionally, WordPress teams also value and work on other features for future versions, which could be released next year. (They will not be in WordPress version 5.3 yet).

Privacy enhancements

Work is also continuing to facilitate privacy management directly from WordPress (without adding plugins).

They are beginning to organize in the face of new privacy legislation that is planned. Apart from continuing to make improvements that facilitate compliance with the RGPD.

Also in the United States, some states are creating privacy laws and data leak protocols. How the CCPA in California For example, it will be released in January 2020.

For example, the possibility of creating a control panel is valued

Security updates and versions prior to 4.7

Important: If you have a version of WordPress prior to 4.7, you should consider updating. Remember to make backup copies of your website before. Otherwise, it is proposed to force automatic updates for these versions, for security reasons.

The cause of this is being able to apply security updates to the websites. And it is not possible to support all versions, so they would only do so in the last 6.

As security support will not be given to old versions, they plan to carry out an automatic update to version 4.7 for previous versions. It is a good idea to update before and check that all your web and plugins are still compatible and working correctly with the new version. If not, you might run into the hitting problem later.

Staying out of date would be at your risk and expense, in the face of possible consequences. You should always keep your WordPress website updated.

Recommended PHP version for WordPress

Since WordPress version 5.0, it is recommended to use at least PHP 7.0, and version 7.3 is currently recommended.

NOTE: It is also important that you keep it updated, as some web hosting plans charge you an additional fee for having an outdated version of PHP.

Do you know which version of PHP your website uses? You can check this information in the administration panel of your server. And if you use an older version, it is recommended that you change it.

Need help with maintenance?

And if all this surpasses you, you have a problem during the process or you would prefer to delegate, you can take a look at my WordPress Web Maintenance plans.

Or you can hire the new set-up service, to review your website, and leave it updated and order.



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